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Program " Me and My Life"

Life. This subject remains a puzzle for mankind until present time. People of knowledge for centuries   were discovering step by step only such condition that we can recognize as demonstration of life in material world.

Only laws of Universe remain unchanged. The workshop is based on two of them. The other questions always change, because demonstration of life is not constant. Here is only a small part of questions that are solved during the workshop:

«You will not find the answers in the answer» Osho

  1. shamanic training 2What is a true consciousness and it connection with the Power of Intention, willpower, belief and mind? In the beginning was the Word and the Word was at the God and the Word was the God. What is the initial meaning of this?
  2. Demonstration of law of polarity through male and female energy? What mission rests inside of the meaning (code) of these Energies?
  3. Positive and negative Energies, Active mind, Pressure of Intention. Three in one – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. What in the interrelation, cooperation and interdependence between these conditions? What is the purpose of their appearance in material world?
  4. Birth of man-woman in a human body. Two or one? How does the law of “Love through a conflict” work?
  5. Why males are not meant to see the demonstration of life in a full meaning of the word? Why does woman exist and why isn’t she meant to create and sow seed of life?
  6. The original mission of the family. Man and woman. Does plus-minus= zero?
  7. Why and where do children come from? Karming contact and Eternity. Why is it not given to man as knowledge? The existence exists….yes or no?
  8. Spirit-Soul-Body. Do we know that knowledge is an experience that happened with the one who knows? How could you obtain such experience through appearance of life in a this bode? What is the depth of connection between life and death? Where the death lays and what is it? Is it possible to die alive? If yes… What for?
  9. Mother, father and child. Do we need to raise a child? Who teaches whom – mother teaches father, or father teaches mother, or may be father and mother teaches child, but may be a child teaches his parents?
  10. To whom belongs a born child?
  11. The highest degree of Knowledge about word Family. What is the initial meaning of it?
  12. What is generation? Do you know your family generation?
  13. Word and a thought form? Where does a word come from? What is a word? How does a word create your destiny? What is a meaning of word in the family?
  14. How to father a child? Does such concept as agenesia exist? Who create a myth about agenesia and why?
  15. Why man and woman divorce? Where does human foolery remain?
  16. Is love an initial vibration of consciousness? Is love a causeless happiness and yellow rose of friendship? What is it like to be head over heals?
  17. Happiness is inside you, it remains foreground! I know it! Where is it? Do ypu believe that you will see this place? And is it possible for a man to be absolutely happy?

The institute of mutual existence of man and woman in our life is unfortunately almost missed due to one big and simple foolery. This knowledge belongs to consciousness because it is initially irrational and it’s not rational minds business! But have we forgotten about it or just pretend not to know? Time will show!

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