The History of Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca is a medicinal plant from Amazon Rainforest that has been used for hundreds or maybe even thousands of years by the indigenous shamans of the upper Amazon as well as throughout all Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and Brazil. This sacred medicine is also known by more than forty other names including Caapi, Natema, Miji and Yage.

Although the origins of shamanic usage of Ayahuasca date back centuries, indigenous tribes of Amazon have many local stories about how they have started utilizing this medicine. With reference to native people, Ayahuasca was used for healing and diagnostic purposes. Preparation and consumption of Ayahuasca brew involve sophisticated rituals carried over through generations of healers. In healing ceremonies, this brew is used as a diagnostic tool to reveal the reason of the disease in patients.

The Ayahuasca is widely used and is the main practice of traditional medicine in at least 75 indigenous tribes along the Amazon.

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Ayahuasca is a mysterious combination of two plants.

1829737170Unlike other sacred plants, Ayahuasca brew is made from two plants - the actual Ayahuasca vine and the leaves of Chacruna (Psychotria Viridis) bush. This powerful blend provides an opportunity to get in touch with the Spirits and the Energy world that is usually not perceived by us in our normal state of consciousness.

Yet it remains a mystery how Amazonian shamans learned to blend these two components of the brew. When separate, each plant is more or less inert. The Amazon rainforest have more than 80,000 leafy plant species with more that 10,000 vines among them. Neither the vine nor the leaves appear to be highly distinguishable from other plant species. Nevertheless, Amazonian healers, acting like archaic pharmacologists, somehow found out how to select a special kind of vine and a special kind of leaf to make a psychotropic potion.

Chemically, leaves of Chacruna plant contain powerful psychotropic alkaloid dimethyletryptamine (DMT). Upon consumption, DMT is not active on its own because it is metabolized in the stomach by enzyme monoamine oxidase (MOA). However, some chemical substances in the Ayahuasca vine contain MAO inhibitors in a form of harmine components. These transform DMT into psychoactive substance that chemically resembles tryptamines from our brain. Upon absorption, this mixture circulates the body through blood, and after reaching the brain it elicits powerful visions and allows to tap into hereafter and hidden labyrinths of consciousness.   

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Shipibo-Conibo, the mystic people or the life in the world of Spirits (Shamanic Healing).

Ayahuasca 6Shipibo-Conibo is an Indian tribe that represents the confederation of the tribes. They speak Shipibo and Conibo language. Shipibo-Conibo inhabit theAmazon selva on the territory of modern Peru. According to population census, the tribe contains about 30,000 people not counting those who moved to the cities.

Among indigenous cultures of upper Peruvian Amazon, Shipibo are one of the very few tribes who preserved their language, arts and mystical knowledge of traditional medicine. It seems that Shipibo tribe has especially strong relationship with Ayahuasca. Shipibo people are considered by many as the most qualified Ayahuasca healers in Peruvian selva.

Shipibo Indians say that sacred Ayahuasca vine they drink during shamanic ceremonies show them patterns that weave the world around and inside the person. These patterns are called Ayahuasca patterns by the Indians. Most inhabitants of the tribe do not consider the world of the Spirits as something extraordinary, but rather coexisting side by side with physical reality.  

Shipibo shamans (curanderos) don’t talk much, but share the understanding of the knowledge that is offered to them by Great Mother-Ayahuasca, providing intrinsic healing and suggesting to choose on our own what to see and perceive in our journey to ourselves

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How Shipibo shamans work

The main tool used by curanderos is the energy medicine in the form of the song - Icaros. Shamans explain that each plant has its own Icaros. These Icaros teach the healer during in order to receive a medicinal energy and knowledge of the plant. Icaros works in combination and interaction with Ayahuasca brew. a

Often times the healer envision the disease (whether it pertains to physical, emotional, psychic or spiritual disorder) as deleterious construction that changes the usual energetic pattern of the person. Also the shamans use aromatherapy (with various colognes prepared from different medicinal plants) and smoke mapacho (local tobacco used for cleansing of negative energy and favoring inflation and accumulation of positive energy) during their practice which helps them weave sophisticated geometric Icaros patterns in the energetic structure of their patients.

Shipibo patterns (Kene) represent sacred healing energies emanated by plants. They can be identified as Icaros codes that express their healing powers perceived by a shaman in his visions. Patterns in Shipibo art are a two-dimensional visualization of these energies. Curanderos “see these songs” and “hear the structure”, a phenomenon known as synesthesia - a mix of senses.

Before healing, the energetic bodies of patients are often covered with chaotic patterns. During healing process, abnormal dirty patterns are getting cleansed and replaced with new structures from plants that you can see on traditional Shipibo embroideries. In other words, order and harmony are transmitted to energetic system. By the end of the healing (effective diet with master-plant), shamans cover your body with various Icaros called arkanos. Arkanos are a protection tool used for encapsulation of “healing structures” placed in the energetic body. They cover the whole body and provide defense thereby assuring a form of spiritual armor against negative energies you might catch in the future from your environment.  

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Traditional Shipibo-conibo medicine is an energy medicine in the first place, that establishes personal and unique relations with every person. Nevertheless, the changes of the body energy require us and our attention to follow certain rules. Health-improvement consists of two different procedures that complete each other. There are evening ceremonies where we receive healing from shaman songs (Icaros) as well as recommended diets with master-plants and everyday procedures (steam phyto-baths, refreshing shower with extracts from special herbs and floral perfume, Shipibo traditional massage) that will help with your individual case.

Team of the high rate healers – Maestros from Shipibo tribe are at your service. They have been recognized and gain respect among their tribesmen and have excellent result in healing many patients.

Our shamans work with such modern and latest disorders as depression, posttraumatic and psycho-emotional stress, some kinds of oncology, as well somatic disorders. The treatment is aimed at handling such addictions as alcohol addiction, drug addiction and tobacco smoking and is performed individually.

We offer you safe, caring and comfortable environment for health-improvement and personal growth by creating a connection between traditional medicine and different practices, helping to find unity.

Our package approach was developed to set ourselves for emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of the person that allows to make competent and relatable transformation process.

We would like to make a contribution into making our world a better place to leave through all positive changes related to life in harmony with you, environment and each other.

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