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School of Life “Yellow Rose” and Center of alternative medicine “Tree of Life” greets you onyour Journey of shamanic Healing!

bullet blackWhy was I born?
bullet blackWhat is a life in all its manifestations?
bullet blackWhy does death exist?

The power of these questions cast people into despondency and fear or allowsdiscovering the capability to find the meaning of Destiny and know the Universe design. 

You already know that the world doesn’t look like your rational mind draws it.

And you know for certain that your mind doesn’t have the power to answer the question “Who am I?” because of its shallowness and lack of privity. This knowledge is irrational and can only be sensed by the heart. We call such knowledge – A Journey with the Heart. A Journey of the Warrior is a Life with an open Heart the purpose of which is the development of Universal Evolutive Consciousness!

We honourably present you the programs of School of Life “Yellow Rose” and Center of alternative medicine ( Shamanic Healing ) “Tree of Life”:

bullet black “Health of mind – Health of body” 

bullet black “Me and my family – perception of integrity” 

bullet black “I create a world people want to belong to” 

Synergy of basic knowledge of two practices allows perceiving the Journey:

bullet black AncienttraditionofIndian nations of Amazon shipibo-canibo.  Icarosenergy (prayerallowstheclairvoyantsKuranderos to connect the Primary Consciousness (Father) with Evolutive Consciousness (Son) in a face of Man through the energy of plants-mentors (Holy Spirit).

bullet blackToltecstudies. These studies discover skillsandknowledgethroughobtainingofexperienceabout ConsciousnessDesignand MindPrimaryConditionofTriune Godhead. Theyalsoallowperceiving theconditionoffour-dimensionalspace– MatterSpace, Energy, Time. 

You perceive the Core of Destiny – to discover unknown and to unite the unknown with already known. 

You perceive the Irrational Knowledge through feelings that create relevant emotion.

You perceive new kind of Mind – Cogitation.

The Journey of Man’s transformation is your journey!

Journey with the heart

journey with the heart

How is it possible to explain to a man of conviction that a man’s fantasy just seems to be like that, coming into conflict with the existing vision of life? How is it possible to explain to a man that such fantasy can be transferred to a reality with magical power inside of him? Many people considered the flight of an airplane, mobile phones and flights to a moon to be a fantasy! 

People are bonded with fetters due to sociable predicament. It means slavery to keep a man in physical fetters. To keep a man is a focusing illusion is black magic. In such social predicament people feel victimized.  

Nevertheless nobody can be found a victim without his consent! The social predicament denies anything paranormal for ordinary people. 

It is common for a man to dream. He creates a new life in his secret dreams. And it’d true that even in their thoughts people do not believe dreams could be fulfilled. 

Many people would like to gain knowledge; nevertheless they would prefer simply to buy them. This is why there are many school and shaman centers nowadays who sell the serenity.

But the Truth is that authentic knowledge lies in you. The masters in our center present an authentic guidance based on their experience allowing all apprentices to find their identity and hidden reserves. 

Our masters guide clients (apprentices) to the depth of their identity in order to clean the energy of their identity and to admit everything in them.

Only deep Truth about your identity let you clean your body and your identity from the dirt and illness as a consequence. 

It is extremely frighten most of the time, but it is a great lie and unapologetic illusion to look for a cure and to learn from the masters who promise to make all the work instead of the client (apprentice). And this is why: a perennial question “Who am I?”

Three postulates that underlie our knowledge will rapidly guide the client (apprentice) the way that could be found and discovered in our center:

The mind is not you. You can control your mind, order him to be silent and as a consequence you will control the mind and not vise versa. 

Your body is a unique jar created for senses, apprehension of feelings and collection of personal power. It should be cleaned from all the impurities: emotional, psychological and material. You will learn to be in a contact with your body, will see and let your body to become originally pure by following the instructions of our teachers during the ceremony. 

Soul – to see inside of you that you are a micro world inside of a macro world; to realize that you are a part of the All, to distinguish your deep identity as a part of comprehensive consciousness of Universe, God, matter; to discover your destiny and hear the appearance of life through your open heart; to be present and to conceive the life now and here. 

We realize that the time has come to live the real happy life! It is time for everyone to perceive that all and some is a magical human being on the planet! And this means that he owns the original knowledge:

  • Power
  • Free happiness
  • Love
  • Faith
  • Will
  • Intention
  • Friendship
  • Health
  • Spiritual strength
  • Perfection and trust to yourself

It is impossible to depict the experience and capabilities that teachers of Shipibo-conibo tradition and the Toltec’s tradition will open to you – future man of knowledge!

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