our predestinationThere are many beautiful places on our Planet, and each of them has it‘s own purpose, function in the ecosystem of the Planet and in the establishment of planetary consciousness.

Amazonia is lungs of the mother Earth. Amazonia is Natures clear and smooth breathing. Ancient traditions of the native inhabitants treasure the magical Power and Knowledge that open the way to Unified Consciousness – God, Absolute spirit, Love – no matter how it is called. Here you can experience the depth of your own Me, to open your infinite power with Kuranderos (healers) of Shapibo tradition. You will have an opportunity to deal with Knowledge and Energies that clean the soul, body and mind from the delusions, stresses, illness; restore inner balance, health and let healthy vital power to fill up our lives.

Our center works on the following foundations:

Deep respect to the shaman healing tradition of Amazonia. We know and understand this tradition, cooperate with the best shamans of the Shipibo-Conibo tribute and can guarantee the highest standards of work in the ceremonial environment. 

Sincere attention, interest and respect to our clients needs, their world view and life journey. We will meet you where your life has led you, and will offer you to experience the part of your journey with us.

Centers space is a place where anyone will find answers for his questions – spiritual, vital, professional and personal – in the atmosphere of openness, mutual aid and understanding.

High ethical and professional standards in work with clients and relations with healers and staff.  Responsibility, authenticity and clearness in all cooperation aspects.

We believe that all can win and that cooperation for mutual enrichment is a foundation of relations between people.

Center “Tree of Life” is:


We cater to our guests with deep feel of appreciation and love. Comfortable and modern villas, showers and toilets are at your service.

We have our own water well and the water is very tasty. Electricity is produced by diesel generator.  

There is a canteen with a tasty diet menu, as well as library and spaces for art and leisure.

In the center you will find garden and backyard where we grow medical plants, vegetables and fruits and where guests can try the gardening and to get acquainted with plants that Kurandero use in their healing practices. 

The most important thing is miraculous star sky and clear air.


Traditional Shipibo-conibo medicine is an energy medicine in the first place, that establishes personal and unique relations with every person. Nevertheless, the changes of the body energy require us and our attention to follow certain rules. Health-improvement consists of two different procedures that complete each other. There are evening ceremonies where we receive healing from shaman songs (Icaros) as well as recommended diets with master-plants and everyday procedures (steam phyto-baths, refreshing shower with extracts from special herbs and floral perfume, Shipibo traditional massage) that will help with your individual case.

Team of the high rate healers – Maestros from Shipibo tribe are at your service. They have been recognized and gain respect among their tribesmen and have excellent result in healing many patients.

Our shamans work with such modern and latest disorders as depression, posttraumatic and psycho-emotional stress, some kinds of oncology, as well somatic disorders. The treatment is aimed at handling such addictions as alcohol addiction, drug addiction and tobacco smoking and is performed individually.

We offer you safe, caring and comfortable environment for health-improvement and personal growth by creating a connection between traditional medicine and different practices, helping to find unity.

Our package approach was developed to set ourselves for emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of the person that allows to make competent and relatable transformation process.

We would like to make a contribution into making our world a better place to leave through all positive changes related to life in harmony with you, environment and each other.


Life and reality come out from the proprioceptive sense of the current events.

Consciousness is the utmost stage of being HERE and NOW.

Our integrative practices will help you to realize your ceremonial experience and life situations, to transform them into clear lessons and to come up with the plan how to integrate your experience into your life.


Life is unique! Our hearts are always open! We will be beside you even after you come back home to make your inimitable Destiny!

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